We go where the human foot hasn't stepped before.
Let your leg step with us.

About DZRJK:

The mysterious underground has always intrigued the human imagination. Even today caves make people feel interested and afraid at the same time. Lowering yourself deep into a cave is a unique challlange. Seeing such a different world attracts all generations of people. We think of it as a challange, and have been sticking together and exploring undiscovered secrets, that have been lieing under our doorstep for XX years. We have discovered many new caves in these XX years. Many generations of members have showed up in this time. Many stopped seeing it as a challenge and some are not with us anymore, but a lot of us have stayed. We spent countless hours and nights in our mountains and forests, spent many nights together next to the campfire and became friends for all the nights to come.
DZRJK has registered Brezno pri Leški planini in 1978. At first it was only 12 meters deep, but when they dug through a cap of mud and leafes a 321 meter deep cave opened up before them. At that time it was the 7th deepest cave in Yugoslavia. DZRJK arranges a traditional picnic near Brezno pri Leški planini. All cavers from every part of Slovenia is invited, along with people who would like to learn more about caving.

What do we do?